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Genital Warts

The ugly, ‘cauliflower appearance' of genital warts is due to the condition which is similar to the regular variety but these specialize and are found inside and outside the sexual organs (including anus) of both men and women. This is an easily transmitted for of the human papilloma virus found in other more common varieties with the exception that this form is just as readily transmitted orally. The problem comes when you try to prevent contracting them as in the case of female genital warts, the woman may have them internally and unless she has recently undergone an examination, she may not know they are there; even using a condom is not guaranteed to stop the spread.

What makes it worse is they can lie dormant for years at a time and it may not be possible to know who infected you in the first place. The person who contracts them however, becomes a silent carrier and that is how this disease is spreading rampantly in today's world. There is large number of viruses, over one hundred in fact but it is the HPV6 strain that is responsible for ano-genital warts. Most warts are discovered quite early on in their development but a woman may have to wait until she has a routine gynecological examination if they are located in her cervix.

In the area near the genital warts growth, can be damper and women may have more discharge because the genital area is moist and warm, the HPV virus multiplies there very fast once they start to develop. One of the safest methods of wart removal is the application of very cold liquid nitrogen by a doctor or dermatologist; however it often takes a few applications before the skin and its tissue are destroyed. This is carried out by doctors because liquid nitrogen is not generally available to the general population but the process is not a very painful procedure and whether liquid nitrogen is used depends upon the location.

Two further options are available to doctors, the traditional cauterizing the wart or the more modern but equally efficient laser process. You cannot permanently remove them as they often return and all methods are reliant on the location in the first place. Imiquimod liquid is used topically to treat genital warts (and anal) as it helps the body's immune system to fight the virus and to get rid of them but it does not kill the virus and new infections can still appear when imiquimod is being used.

While imiquimod is generally effective there are times when it is unsafe so a consultation with the doctor is advisable especially when a woman is expecting a baby; it also has restrictions on it's use inside the vagina and on the genitals or when the skin around the area is inflamed. Your doctor may also warn against some of the more serious side effects of using imiquimod, which is common with any type of medical preparation. As with any information based on a medical problem, full information and options on genital warts should ideally be sought from a physician as this article is for general background only.


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