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Menstrual Cramp Explained

Most women suffer pain in their lives and sometimes it may feel as if they are being punished for being female. If it is not the night sweats it is the mood swings and not to mention menstrual cramps. Unfortunately, there are other groups of women who suffer with PCOS (the most common hormonal disorder amongst women of reproductive age), or endometriosis and the stomach cramps are even more uncomfortable. How much pain each woman will feel varies considerably with some barely able to move whilst other hardly feel any discomfort at all.

There are a number of menstrual cramp relief remedies available but what women want is one that will stop the pain every month. One of the most common types of comes in the form of a pill and many women swear by it. Drug manufacturers were quick to formulate a remedy which most people know as Pamprin. Even if you don't like taking pain medication and have always steered clear of pain relief, this may be a time to reconsider.

Think about how many days you lose each year to painful cramps that you do not have to endure? Often the cramps are just one aspect of the discomfort because they can also be accompanied by nausea and the feeling of eating a very large meal. After some time of enduring these pains I realized that I was only hurting myself and looked into other menstrual cramp relief remedies. There were times I thought my stomach was being crushed whilst others there was little discomfort at all!

A more natural method is to use a heat pad and position it on the tummy or back (it does vary), which can bring some relief. This can be a good alternative to pain relief pills if you find they are ineffective or you just prefer not to take them. However, if you endure more painful menstrual cramps you may need to try something stronger. This is especially true if you find that you sometimes have to miss work because they are so bad which doesn't help your attendance record if it's a regular occurrence.

If this has happened to you, you should make an appointment to talk to your doctor about finding menstrual cramp relief. Quite often it can be a simple case of being prescribed one of the birth control pills as these are effective for many women and this might be something your doctor recommends. Just remember to talk about your health matters with your doctor to see if it is safe for you to be on the Pill, and remember, this isn't an option if you are trying to get pregnant and in that case, you may just have to grin and bear your discomfort. You will eventually find a remedy that works for you; it is just a matter of time.

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