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Affordable Health Care

Health care increases are placing a financial burden on many American homes so the need for affordable health care has never been so great. A number of employers have reduced their health care benefits because accountants are working to tighter budgets and the costs of providing this service have risen. How do I know this, well because I am one of those people affected and despite a very good job, before 2006, the health care package at work was first rate. This was a shock to everyone; being told that the health care provider was going to be replaced because the cost was too great.

The company was seeking a more cost effective plan that would benefit all of its employees. Although I am just as well looked after with this new policy, I'm not entirely convinced. The problem is that in an effort to find a less expensive insurance, having my husband and daughter on the policy is now costing twice the amount it did before. This means, that for my company to provide a health plan to all of the employees, it is no longer affordable for us.

To be honest, I got on well with the old provider but can't see that happening here even if the health care plan is half decent. For many of us, higher out of pocket expenses and less in our paychecks is the only result of this pursuit of an affordable health care plan. I am sure of this because just over 2 years ago when I had my little boy, the stay in hospital was completely covered by my insurance policy. Working out that same stay with the new plan would mean approximately 4,000 dollars would have to be paid by me.

However, that amount is just for the hospital and delivery because I would also have other expenses and that just doesn't seem fair to the majority that are involved. Affordable health care options are becoming more widely available because there is a desperate need for them. For workers in companies without health care plans and single mums for instance, this is a God send. I applaud the set up of these programs but not enough is done to stop those that wish to take advantage and ruin it for others.

I feel sorry for those in genuine need of affordable health care who must look around and see others who are just sponges on the system: a financial burden to the state. Although I say they can be a burden to the state, I really mean a burden to its citizens because it is the tax payer who foots the bill. Financially speaking, my company saw the real advantage to this switch and some of the employees. However, their money saving technique wasn't good news to employees because suddenly we were making up for their cost cutting endeavor - by seeing less money in our paychecks. In the long term we really need to do something in America to help those in need find affordable health care.


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