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The Facts About Postpartum Depression

Tom Cruise and Brooke Shields are engaged in a verbal war with each other due to something called postpartum depression. Cruise's and Brooke's trying journey began when Cruise openly disapproved of Shield's decision to take prescribed medication to help her overcome her postpartum depression, when he was a guest on the Today Show. According to Cruise, who is a well-known follower of Scientology (which believes that we can be cured by natural means and that taking medicine is only hurting our body), feels that Shields should have instead, chose to fix her postpartum depression with natural methods such as healthy exercises, including that many people have been misinformed about depression and how to actually fix this common ailment.

But what actually is postpartum depression? We've heard about it many times, yet can we truly be sure that we are sufficiently knowledgeable about it for us to really understand the illness enough for us to help ourselves as well as others? Being pregnant is normally a source of joy for everyone, particularly the soon-to-be-mom who, for nine months, will carry a living being to grow from inside of her. Unfortunately, there is darker side to this usually happy occasion. Being pregnant means your body will have to go through some major adjustments to ensure a safe pregnancy. Smoking, alcohol, strenuous activities as well as stress should be avoided at all costs. A happy, healthy baby relies on having a happy, healthy mother as well. Given that you have been able to successfully avoid all these negative habits for your baby to be, the act of childbirth is a whole different issue. As much as we may try to prevent them, there are still some difficult situations that endanger the mother's, as well as the baby's life.

However, even after the actual act of childbirth, dangers still lurk as postpartum depression actually happens afterwards. Although it's very common and a lot of women have been able to deal with it as well as successfully treat it (like Brooke Shields), its important to know that it is still very avoidable. Postpartum depression is very much like regular depression, however only new mothers are possible victims. There are many possible causes behind postpartum depression:

Childbirth, as we all know or have heard, is not a piece of cake. The physical stress from giving birth is one of the chief reasons why postpartum depression strikes. Another postpartum depression trigger is the large change that occurs in hormonal levels. Additionally, many mothers-to-be who were hesitant about having a child in the first place are more susceptible to postpartum depression. Those who are not ready to be mothers yet are more likely to become stressed and depressed as opposed to happy and excited.

When postpartum depression happens, the best plan is to see a doctor ASAP. Aside from the dangerous effects on the new mother, postpartum depression can prove to be harmful to the child as well. At times, new mothers who are suffering from postpartum depression may be guarding bitter feelings towards their children. Their have even been some cases of murder wherein postpartum depression has been cited as the main culprit. Mothers who suffer from postpartum depression may blame their newborn for things such as their weight increase, as they may be feeling like they've become less attractive and even unloved- especially in comparison to the new baby. It is really important to consult a reputable cognitive behavior therapist to take care of your postpartum woes, your therapist may prescribe medicine to help cure postpartum depression as well as some therapy sessions to help relieve whatever built up emotions that you may have.


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