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Tell-tale Signs of Depression

Sufferers of depression or other manic disorders normally convey each common symptom of depression labelled as such by doctors. Often failing to notice these symptoms is easy to do, leaving one unable to help yourself or others who are suffering from depression.

Becoming diagnosed with depression does not require that sufferers experience each and every symptom prior to recieving treatment as there are actually a large number of symptoms associated with the illness. Moreover, since the symptoms of depression can vary widely, the time of their onset can vary as well.

Here are a few common warning signs of depression:

Extended periods of unhappiness and melancholy: sufferers are often "not in the mood" to do things, choosing to pout around the house and feel sorry for themselves instead.

Feeling hopeless, chronic pessimism: speaking of feeling sorry for one’s self and feeling as if they have nothing to look forward to. Chronic pessimists are usually very negative about most everything fueled, again, by feelings of hopelessness.

A lack of self-worth coupled with guilt-ridden thoughts and a feeling of helplessness: acting in cyclical form, a person may feel so guilty over something that they may start to feel as if they do not deserve to be happy, leading to a loss of self-value. A person feeling as if they aren't worthy of being happy or enjoying one’s self is often a tell-tale symptom of depression. Feeling helpless also contributes to depression. When assuming that things will never go your way, it's as if you are saying that you have absolutely no hope for any good.

Lack of interest in finding or taking pleasure, as well as discontinuing hobbies and other activities that used to be enjoyable: often revealing the severity of depression, feeling too sad to take pleasure even in the things one loves is common as depression progresses and usually indicates a probable case of the depression bug.

Fatigue, constantly feeling tired: people suffering from depression, considered they’ve more than likely lost whatever interest in life that they may have had before, tend to run short on physical energy. One who would prefer to just mope around, more than likely will not eat or sleep enough. Because of this, a depressed person may well be on their way to not just a more severe mental illness, but problems with physical health as well.

lack of focus, bad memory and general indecisiveness: Someone suffering from depression easily reveals this tell-tale symptom of depression. Lack of interest in the outside world can lead to a tendency to lose track of things and even a difficulty remembering things that happened or what other people said. Disinterest often makes depressed people very inattentive.

There are various symptoms of depression that help you see if someone (or you) needs to be brought to the doctor to get some help: Inability to sleep, sleeping too much, and waking up often throughout the night are all symptoms of depression (if it happens on a daily basis). Moreover, appetite loss as well as excessive overeating may show someone’s lack of enthusiasm towards life. Pay attention to abrupt bouts of weight loss or weight gain in those around you. Talking about suicide and death, or about wanting to die, is also a fairly clear indication that a person is depressed. Finally, constantly feeling restless and irritable, headaches, digestive disorders and various other body pains can all be brought about by poor mental health.


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